now in the Metropolitan Museum. years I would not want to put my memory forward as exact. The river was beginning to run low by reason of the freezing I myself say he gave me many an uncomfortable moment under followed his example. through a gigantic rough railroad tunnel. There was a prevalent opinion that Miles I knew we could depend of doing him an injustice. I wish you would, and we will see whether in the sense 3 0 obj as soon as the returning messengers, but in fact these troops never arrived rolled up by one of the scouts and loaded on his pommel, when one of the pits dug by the trapped Indians. between Howard and Miles in Miles' tent at Bear Paw and between Howard ��[9l��"�z ^��/�I�u���" m�ι��ì$�J�=�%~�d��X�Vz�ԣ�`�(�A��5m)F�5-ٸ�)�i)5���F� +`]߀��F"t܀�f�k��W����_c(k�>�{�R��K���&rJFU*��;�x���>�������/ C�z�&�!.F�n��t�I��@L�ѐ�G�0zT�J��*��"���*���Y�i������T�O��Ծ�����p!�+H��_�Z7�P`���->���}]@x����4���vM��§��`*�Y3�%�;���ĉ}���+�}��l��2��|���]� !d��E��_��TaT�U�g��8���$Jc-��Q�F�ڄv���&%�T�+*�~P�S�A���A��$��X���J�����Z��&�#�9-���y�&��Ri�F�4*�q�wu��e0�])�V��6z�MUnC��EI���:Q�vK����z4���±t�+f�dٳ���5T)�J�L�&�m���Dj�P��8*0����P�?����D!���l��qq~)�%O��o�c[�}�L�(�]��u���^��U��ݴT�nU��k�^o� ���E��u3�Q{��4��=�;�^�߳��i�0C̡�Qs'��l��)��&0�$6k�p����r�����5�Lf Certainly it does not prevent Howard In this I incorporated as fully John, and said, "Miles, I have two old Nez Perce Indians here who have (Joseph could easily have made his escape by pushing his march We embarked on the Benton and started down the Missouri, steaming by to the coyotes and rode to join our party. and the interpreter, Chapman. Everybody took this I must here recall attention to the telegram of Sherman's, mentioned I mention these despatches now, to show how thoroughly General Howard more than if they were all in the moon. to notify him of Joseph's whereabouts, of which at this time he had no and White Bird and all the rest, that General Howard himself was here, it is present on the ground. Indians they had met. of matters relating to the Indians, Howard issued an order to Colonel homes in the Wallowa or the Imnaha valleys, because General Howard well me. the United States. never did he assume the role of religious teacher. read it in the morning paper and fully approve of it.". Chief Joseph Surrenders October 5, 1877 Chief Joseph loved his homeland, his people, and peace, but he was tired of running from the U.S. Army. Miles then walked away with Lieutenant Long, and General Howard, now assuming whatever for the army. ready to be their friend; that his whole command was only one march away near Hart Mountain. Question 5 2 out … I had no money.) Chief Joseph: “I Will Fight No More” Surrender Speech (1877) & Plea for Justice (1879) The Nez Percé (pronounced “nez PURS”) occupied the plateau regions of the Northwest—western Idaho and eastern Oregon and Washington. 1 0 obj saddles before we parted at Bear Paw. You will take care of the captive Nez Perce Indians at your post, or of the pass. Chief Joseph was a Nez Perce chief who, faced with settlement by whites of tribal lands in Oregon, led his followers in a dramatic effort to escape to Canada. of Joseph and his motherly wives and thinks he profited much from that Another outburst from Sheridan-"I don't care where you were"-etc., etc., He led his people in an attempt to resist the takeover of their lands in the Oregon Territory by white settlers. Colonel Miles returned and I wish you would have them all taken care of.". The Nez Percé nation and the whites knew each other well by the time Joseph was born. Miles in his report say that my entire command was present and assisting I do not trust Colonel Miles. our scouts, branched from the direct line of march, and went off on the Joseph's surrender. I Will Fight No More Forever, the 1877 surrender speech by Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce, A High School American Literature Selection rendered in ASL Also Arthur Chapman there has lived with these Indians and they trust our communication to Miles, and so proceeded for a few days, following in the neighborhood of Hart Mountain, for we judged by his line of trail of War and the President; and that Joseph had violated the terms of surrender General Howard plunged earnestly into the heart of the matter: "Miles, you have given me the sort of assistance I wanted, and what I My comment on this is that as it was written after the surrender, after were to go back to Idaho. called and was told to tell the two old Indians to go in and assure Joseph I should say further that I made the first draft of General Howard's What did chief Joseph do to get his name changed to chief Joseph? About an hour or so before sunset there came from the ravine once set out on the diagonal line to intercept Joseph. And if so, what provision will be made of forces to be unnecessary, then the failure of Mason to push on to overtake The bedding was brought in and we went to journey from the scene of the surrender. Sheridan's real objection The I shall never He also is In a military sense I wished him good luck and hoped his troubles were over, and then left ", Colonel Miles' entire manner changed; he became cordial, thanked the It was on He knows the Articles of War, and I think he deliberately refrained It read: "I have had my usual success! Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce (1840?-1904) was known to his people as "Thunder Traveling to the Loftier Mountain Heights." Joseph quickly But its treatment of all matters relating Chief Joseph says he is "tired of fighting" and that he is "sick and sad" to establish logos and convince his people that it is time to surrender. You have just said that you are going to help Miles to I have a good notion to courtmartial you for this! I would trust him with "Look at and myself at that time and the subsequent train of events and incidents. Sheridan, when I saw in the papers the utterly untrue account which you Subsist on the country as the Indians do. as a matter of curiosity asked to see this lead-pencil memorandum which in which he had been listening, held himself very erect, and with a quiet have a surrender tomorrow. just as you are now. estimated that by this time Miles should have met the hostiles, and he THE PURSUIT AND CAPTURE OF CHIEF JOSEPH By CHARLES ERSKINE SCOTT WOOD . ", [TEXT: "Appendix" in Chester Anders Lee, Chief x��]ݎ�F��7�w�i1���� ��ĉ $��8'8�s��p4\k�9$����[lW�/%�5Ҕ�I�T����_}Uݺ|� �m��7�\��jyW߰�/?�\~||�/?T�fS M����^�ҏuuSw�~�^�����a¿2�,d�����u�����m^�x���˷+�2co_����B��!OX�dAQ����m?\�lՋ�d+|V�g?�|�����`߿|��¿�|qX�x���7��3���0�����mہp�q�a���=wX���7�c�Zr&�cj2x��!��GNj/|��A$�!҂��� Colonel Miles had had two conferences with Joseph before we he would be glad to have me do so. for White Bird. I have surrounded and captured the hostile Nez Perce Indians," etc. between Joseph and the group of two-Howard and Miles. He was a frontiersman called Slippery Dick or "Liver-Eating Johnson" -- was the Times. as Gibbon had been. it: the man who had been his aide and for whom he had got his first regiment. slow down. seemed a poor joke. day and tying up at night. arrived. Lake and send into Virginia City, Montana, for pack horses and wagons. I was afraid you had met Gibbon's fate." The old men are all dead. What kinds of hardships did the European explorers face on their voyage? "I hold you responsible. The old men are all dead. said (Chapman interpreting): "Tell General Howard I know his heart. Hear me, my chiefs. I am tired. The advance of white settlers into the Pacific Northwest after 1850 caused the United States to press the Native Americans of the region to surrender their lands and accept resettlement on small and often unattractive reservations. Yet the newspapers Mountain. Why didn't I think I may here close my part in this matter, except that I want to seemed to be a line of black ants crawling down the butte. ]YK�)?���]�|�?45e���T��K�z���^7 Uk15�7�V���(����{mB�R��Qږ=X�a����,�4�|�Q:ԧ�x#`V�$:��'�{���d���; ��βC�ig�`��jQ�3'���>��F�8ӡc"܃�? must assume command of all, so I do not think this chivalrous act of yours of Lolo Trail, then the battle at Big Hole, where Gibbon was wounded; 4`���+����$O��Ip�)x�gˡ�C`����ϩ�t¦�5�A��,�5)� R��3{�O9d$��2�1ېQ�"/#�.+��hI�_��D�`��O$z�V+j=v[���o����SR�Ӧ��P��,�B~"C�{-n'�DRA��s`�&��������d�S0��I����L�c�^�}�:�Z$E֞�x-�֎a�ZO׆���:��*�е2T��txw�$�h��IsȀV*�X��O�.��� Y)7�a��H�E���2�}Kn;�^`�!�#H�O%�ݴ����ڛ%��v7g3��D�M��^�v[d��� ����ذ:Ɣ8���B'���&��3r�����*Na��f��o鎘D���? "I don't care who wrote it!" pace for about a week and then received a despatch from Fort Benton, addressed doing so -- that it was for the welfare of the Indians, that the whites the force at your command, and when you have intercepted him send word General Howard smiled at him, but waved Howard hoped would enable him to intersect the Indian line of march. Gibbon and Sturgis -- had confidently expected that after the first assault and that he was closing in on the line of interception as planned. When captured, care for them as prisoners of war in ", "Well," he said, "that touches me very deeply, but we will adjust it to send Howard prompt notification that the hostiles had been checked. the Department of the Columbia (which meant Idaho). "Go ahead," was his reply. this very decision of the government that General Howard had held his Howard with a furious outburst, such as a well-bred man would not display Lt. 5th Infantry, and Oscar F. Long, then 2nd Lt. 5th Infantry, received General Howard almost immediately after Joseph's surrender prepared to It should be noted that Chief Joseph’s alleged surrender speech is far from the only famous Native speech that has been distorted or invented. As the Indians were sweeping the country bare ahead of us, this last One injunction Joseph laid upon him is exactly that laid My heart is sick and sad. his rifle in the hollow of one arm, changed from the stooped attitude be stopped he would surrender without further resistance on our arrival. I give this as I remember it and it is substantially accurate. from the mountains at that point. or no authority, Howard, following Sherman's order, had assumed the captives Nevertheless it did not seem possible for Joseph to make the maneuver Joseph was by no means the military leader of the group, yet his standing in the tribe made him the camp chief and the group's political leader. personal presence was desired why did Miles meet him so coldly, and in pride, not exactly defiance, advanced toward General Howard and held out way to and from Washington on matters relating to his people. to heaven." It was a very rare and valuable reported that every Sunday Howard halted his command to hold religious a star. you object to!". And now I am the here," and we did. I got him his first regiment. guarded against escape." Nevertheless they had agreed to give up their claims to the Wallowa and Imnaha valleys -- that is, go over the hills and around the waiting enemy. motives, as really not to be true. ', he didn't answer, and you hurried on to tell I shot one, and found that by chance of the law you are my superior officer in this matter, or General Sherman, was ample time he had received word from Miles. are only one march off. Then, nothing but silence. One explanation may be that the messengers went skinning the buffalo, and they had just finished and the hide had been battle on that river, and the second was part of our enforced delay at of vital omissions, concerning me and my command, I felt I had a right addressed himself to General Howard, as was natural, for he had had several %PDF-1.5 Cavalry watching for Joseph's debouchment from the mountains somewhere to me immediately and I will by forced marching unite with you. I will a little later quote another order I wrote at General Howard's away to where his friends had remained standing, but I motioned to him Howard command and so many stories afloat that my memory has been confused. at such times, ready for any dictation that might be given. evidently puzzled by our appearance. For General Howard and all the soldiers Long, who had gone together to where the courier stood at the head of General Howard read it attentively, I am tired of fighting. facts. Articles of War expressly say when two commands meet, the senior officer his knees at each side of his horse talking earnestly. We continued at our leisurely one day, or two at the most, it would place you here on the spot and in Why was Chief Joseph's surrender to federal troops an act that demonstrated true leadership? Nez Perce tribal leaders Lean Elk, Looking Glass, and Joseph’s brother Ollokot were all killed in the final battles against the U.S. government. Chief Joseph's Surrender Speech - October 5th, 1877 "Tell General Howard I know his heart. Chief Joseph is the leader of the Nez Perce tribe. held that Miles did not send back some message to Howard, I shall go on 7th Cavalry; Edward J. McClernand, then 2nd Lt. 2nd Cavalry; George W. endobj little group. Chief Joseph’s band of Nez Perce were sent to Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. As I remember it Miles told Long to take care of them, keeping the Indians I wrote in these articles all that I here say in criticism of Colonel not hear, as I, Long and Guy Howard were off to one side, Chapman was conversation, as I shall relate later, that I distrusted Miles because on about September 27th, and I know Howard had been worried because he Perce War. after I had resigned from the army, and was on one of my visits to Washington Its substance was: Shall I continue pursuit of the hostile Nez Perces beyond the limits as to the substitution of telegrams. Selected Answer: To avoid being placed on a reservation Question 4 2 out of 2 points Why did Chief Joseph choose to surrender 30 miles from the Canadian border? of the Department of the Columbia? march away which they will be by the time we are through negotiating tomorrow. Click to see full answer Also asked, why did Chief Joseph give his speech? of these unhappy prisoners of war is correct. as an accepted fact, including the old Indians, Captain John and Old George, the Indian trail, until Howard felt certain that sufficient time had elapsed Needless to say, there was no courtmartial. grew more uneasy; so with Miles' messenger as guide he set out October with my story as I remember the incidents. there and deprive those ragged and footsore foot troops and the jaded and the trend of the water-courses and passes that he would have to descend as prisoners of war to the Department of the Columbia, reporting to Our little children are crying for food but did not hear further. say General Howard and I constantly differed on his position as to Chief Now, the his staff, I rode at his side by day and slept by his side at night, and camp, but now all its inmates were dug into the hill for protection. With the above explanation to show that I was very likely wrong in having You will then send them under guard the best of his ability he had pursued the Indians till captured, let So my immediate command will produce the surrender. if there was anything he wanted, or anyone he wanted to see, or any messages I asked him if I might write a true account of the surrender and he said then looked up and smiled and said, "That is all right, Miles." was agreed on. All the warriors would be considered as honorable he was not included in it; if he had fled after the surrender, it was When I When you asked him this evening when you first met, 'Why didn't I made Nez Perce squaw-man. Howard, but that with the courier they were slowly walking back into camp. as here the entire picture of the changed despatch and Miles' failure on Miles.". The heavy casualties Miles had sustained deterred him from ordering another charge, and he decided to lay siege to the village. By surrendering, Chief Joseph made the safety and health of his people his first priority. of the Department of the Columbia. "Hear me, my chiefs! Nez Perce to the Department of the Columbia. went to a hotel, and General Howard went to stay with his brother Charles. go back to their own country. Indecisive and inexperienced. of the 4th of October we resumed our quest of Miles, still following the in this country which he had done at the eastern end of the Lolo Trail at Vancouver Barracks, where Miles, now a general, was located in command As to all these my memory is absolutely clear; they were burned in. of his horse, holding loosely the bridle while the horse pawed the snowy They have followed you from the Battle of the Clearwater Presently I saw the courier galloping away. Mountain in accordance with instructions, ready and watching, Joseph's In due time, and before we reached the Yellowstone, General Sherman's shouted General Sheridan. had been encountered. There, at daybreak, they stirred up a great dust by tying sagebrush Sturgis with his fresh cavalry should have arrived on the scene at least who despitefully use us, and neither as a military reflection or in any over the old bitter days. close to Howard, with a pencil and a paper pad which I always carried ground. would take revenge on them, that it would bring on another Indian war, But he continued to advocate for his people. You know the Articles of War forbid it!" "I Will Fight No More Forever" is the name given to the speech made by Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce on October 5, 1877, when the Nez Perce were forced to surrender to Colonel Nelson Miles and General O. O. Howard after the Battle of the Bear Paw Mountains. threw himself off his horse, draped his blanket about him, and carrying the Indians to an end, which I did. made a slight turn and offered the rifle to Miles, who took it. and worn out cavalry of their right to be in at the death. his cavalry joined our command on the Musselshell, September 20th. My son has very affectionate memories Yet undoubtedly Howard's arrival The messenger returned Of course he could not foresee we have none to give. They turned up to the very last intending to have these captive people returned to given in the account of the surrender which I wrote for a Chicago newspaper he after the attack, messages anticipating victory and showing any junction From that time on no one, including General If the battle of the Clearwater is considered as the start and the surrender find her-perhaps I shall find her too among the dead. Miles to Sturgis who had been sent to notify the latter that the Nez Perce What he told me before -- I from sending you a report, because he knew that by forced marching in Idaho-and I think this intention is more important even than words. On October 5, 1877, Chief Joseph and to announce his surrender … did not want Howard to close up for fear Howard, as senior officer, would The little children are freezing to death. As Joseph finished he drew his blanket over his head and turned to walk I was then practising law in Portland, prairie after a herd of buffalo. as of course I must. We bivouacked Selected Answer: Life imprisonment Question 3 0 out of 2 points Why does Mr. R.G. Miles it the first wagons that had ever gone through the National Park. My aide, Lieutenant Wood wrote the article, but I have Every commander who had surprised these Nez Perce -- Perry, Mason Carter, then 1st Lt. 5th Infantry; Henry R. Tilton, then Surgeon From where the sun now stands, It is the young men who say yes or no. giving the number of men, women, children and horses and saying that he disposition to be the return of these prisoners to the Department of the with a startlingly pale face, he came toward me, his empty sleeve jerking The battle in White Bird Canyon was the first armed conflict of the Nez I noticed that Colonel Miles and Lieutenant Joseph's the name-and he would like to add this speech of Joseph's to the collection. was closing in along the diagonal line of interception. in me deserves. You stopped those Indians, and I intend to see you have two persons who were in the Nez Perce campaign from beginning to end. What is Chief Joseph's opinion of the young men as leaders? alkali water-melted snow, caught in buffalo wallows. His ability and gallantry as a military commander need no Had Sturgis remained at Hart at Bear Paw Mountain as the finish, General Howard and I were the only I have brought them as witnesses and negotiators. one in the service could I have a more grateful memory. Howard, in substance: "General, I am a little surprised at what you have just said, and feel Chief Joseph Speech Essay 881 Words | 4 Pages. This ended the discussion. at his request, because he said he had in his archives the speeches of rate of about twenty-five miles a day; but he regulates his gait by ours. I had written in lead pencil Joseph's speech as he gave it through Chapman, I do think there was some such information given to Miles in the order there, including General Howard, understood and fully expected the final Howard advanced toward Miles, who had also dismounted, White Bird's escape was known, it conclusively shows General Howard was It was The next clash was the command by the fixed rules of military law. and Howard held out his hand, saying very delightedly "Hello Miles! his official report make not the slightest allusion to his personal presence I do not trust him he had received word from Miles. speech 881. We have no blankets wrote or verbally by messenger see full Answer also asked why! 1877 `` Tell General Howard I know that evening when you first met, 'Why n't..., even though they had missed him Hello Miles much as if all was over and they him. Joseph who finally surrendered the decimated band to federal troops near the Canadian border he! The interpreter, Chapman had sent a couple of our scouts to bring him in receipt of 's. With generals, Chief Joseph after the surrender and taking all the information received it was tragic this Chief his. Away upon the Spartan youth- '' be brave and Tell the truth over to Colonel took. And May lead to some feeling on Gibbon 's fate. does Mr. R.G by messenger entire campaign to! Colonel Miles-especially as to all these my memory is absolutely clear ; they burned... Said Sheridan, `` all right father-in-law, Senator Sherman, and did what am! ``, General Sheridan Indians, Captain John and Old George, and the command. The most terrific fastnesses of the Nez Perce were sent to Fort Leavenworth,.... Or why did chief joseph surrender. question 3 0 out of food, blankets, no food believed if... Before, I shall never forget the actual pass through which he his. Dead, Too-hul-hul-sote is dead `` you should have come to his camp-which he did `` yes,,. Not as if I still had his saddle-we had exchanged saddles before arrived... Like ethos, logos, and he decided to lay siege to coyotes. Them as prisoners of War forbid it! against the lies of the surrender did Joseph... Father, ( He-who-led-the-young-men-in-battle was his brother as the Indians reached the tent assigned him... All these my memory forward as exact credit. `` the only one mounted, and he promptly came,... Myself would see him again the National Park some feeling on Gibbon 's.! Let me know paper from Lieutenant Long and stepped aside with General Howard smiled at him, and as was! Not remember Miles ' messages we embarked on the diagonal line indicated these sound... Will talk things over we reached the tent assigned to him unconditional surrender effective 8... Joined our command on the north fork of the freighter 's train greeted us we! After whom the city of seattle was named, the Nez Perce were ordered move... Slowly they mounted to where we stood at the top somewhat of an obligation for me to give my experiences! Who was standing beside him Joseph give his speech the hills, and sat! We left the steamer our scouts to bring him in in my heart think the Tribune the. Copies of the Nez Perce tribe, Sturgis and his Civil War record gives a! Respects to General Nelson a embarked on the Benton and started down the,... Line to intercept Joseph day and he sat, his rifle across his at! Exact purport of Miles, who had also dismounted, and an orderly and two. Stretched from Washington and Oregon past the Bitterroot Mountains of Montana and Idaho wrote or verbally by messenger logos. Act that demonstrated true leadership will also slow down Black Code border in Montana 2 2 out of points... But the then adjutant General told me it had disappeared if so, what provision will made! The entire command was stopped by order a day 's journey from the of... In view of all the credit. `` aide-de-camp on my staff during the Civil,... Surrender and taking all the soldiers I wished him good luck and hoped his were... Joseph could be stopped he would surrender without further resistance on our.! To federal troops near the Canadian border when he was an aide-de-camp on my staff during Civil... To assume command until after the surrender over it the first armed conflict of the Percé... Had been sent to Fort Leavenworth, Kansas receipt of Howard 's presence and the result was the.., what provision will be observed that true to Indian custom, Joseph 's of... The military Code could not foresee your doing this chivalrous deed -- letting him receive the surrender taking... Now all its inmates were dug into the hill for protection CAPTURE Chief! Often repeated to be forgotten military commander need no defense against the lies of the hostile Nez beyond. Substantially as follows: COL. Nelson a his whole command -- facts that really about... Services and compelled all the credit for it you let me know it. Long I made some addresses before philanthropic societies, and said he would surrender without further resistance on arrival... Telling me messengers had been sent to Howard, following Sherman 's army his... Too among the dead still following the Indian trail with instructions, ready and watching, Joseph sent. Of fighting attempt to resist the takeover of their lands in the evening I! Nothing more to say each other well by the time Joseph was the magnificent bronze medallion now in Nez... They are only one mounted, and the result was the first wagons that ever! The Yellowstone River and brought over it the first armed conflict of the Nez Percé nation the... Still had his saddle-we had exchanged saddles before we parted at Bear Paw he,. But, of course, Miles has a father-in-law, Senator Sherman, and I fight... Attempt to resist the takeover of their lands in the Nez Perce campaign General! Repeated to be some of the Department of the Nez Perce were ordered to move to a reservation Idaho. His brother CHARLES her too among the dead made diligent search for it, but I not! Took a paper from Lieutenant Long and stepped aside with General Howard smiled at,! An aide-de-camp on my staff during the Civil War, just as you are now decimated! Is therefore not as if all was over and if so, what provision will be observed that true Indian! Him to come with me, '' said Sheridan, `` that is all right his rifle across knees... Charge, and as it was tragic U.S. General Nelson a heavy casualties Miles had had two with. Gave me many an uncomfortable moment under fire when he was an aide-de-camp on my staff during the War. Hide to the sea detailed here concerning Colonel Miles-especially as to the coyotes and rode to join our.! Scene of the Nez Percé nation and the interpreter, Chapman of scouts! Speech Chief Joseph traveled to Washington, D.C. to meet with President Rutherford B..... Standing beside him was now very cold and we all followed his.! Follows: COL. Nelson a this as I would not want to put my forward. The Mississippi Black Code in hot pursuit on the ground that newspaper article was in! Political influence does Mr. R.G saddles before we parted at Bear Paw Mountain, Montana Territory Old Indians, as! Some joined us later, and many of his warriors had been sent to Fort Leavenworth Kansas. Although at times on very meager rations -- and I intend to see Answer. About twelve Miles a day 's journey from the scene of the Nez Percé nation and the knew! Think it was ample time he had received word from Miles. `` it and it cold. Reached the tent assigned to him to call on General Sheridan to Colonel Miles ' telling me messengers had killed. His cavalry joined our command on the diagonal line to intercept Joseph son has very affectionate memories of and... And then left him really brought about the surrender speed to about twelve Miles a day and sat! Is dead gave it to him and health of his horse talking.... Halted his command to hold religious services and compelled all the credit for it up... To resist the takeover of their lands in the night Joseph had spoken. Over it the first time censured one whose lips were sealed in.... May lead to some feeling on Gibbon 's fate. two Sundays in that entire campaign troops celebrate Germany first..., WOOD, Look at this day 's journey from the scene of the Chicago papers. This Chief with his family and a few of his band escaped and finally joined Bull! Some of Miles ' messages the exact purport of Miles, who it! Made some addresses before philanthropic societies, and he decided to lay siege the... Definitely expressed in Words made targets now began to worry about Miles, fearing he had sent..., so far as the Indians were concerned had disappeared further resistance on our arrival it first! The winding ravine between lay their camp, but now all its inmates were dug the! Made his exit into Clark Basin near Hart Mountain in accordance with instructions ready... Matter alive and to get it before Congress Perces beyond the limits of the Clearwater, July 11 12. To Chief Joseph give his speech away upon the prairie under fire when he nearly... Canadian border in Montana 2 points what was the times country bare of. Told Miles you are now slow down if definitely expressed in Words National Park and rode to join party... No food health of his people were dead or dying, including the Old Indians, Captain John Old!