Pogostemon helferi is an unusual … Wishlist Aquascaping Wiki. The hardscape and substrate consists of seiryu stones and tropica planted tank substrate. Home › Aquarium Plants › ygroup_pogostemon_helferi_downoi. Pogostemon helferi is an unusual and distinctive aquatic plant with a compact habit, curly leaves, and a strikingly beautiful green color. RG FISH 822 views. It has lovely crinkled curly green leaves that grow out from the crown, resembling a star shape. We are shipping from Hong Kong, China. We strive to process your order on in-stock items within 1 to 2 weeks when possible. Sign in Register. It is called 'Downoi' (little star) in Thailand, and it is easy to see why (5-10 cm tall and wide). This plant was discovered by aquarists in Thailand and commonly known as "Downoi" in the United States. Pogostemon helferi has been know to since for many years, but was discovered for aquarium purposes by Nonn Panitvong and Arthit Prasartkul in 2006.Until it was properly identified, it was was given the name “Downoi… This plant likes co2, micro and macro nutrients, as well as good lighting. The ruffled edge of the leaves along with the star shape adds nice depth and texture. Pogostemon helferi : The best foreground aquarium plant. Gorgeous!!! 4.3 5 32. With high light, CO2 & nutrients, Pogostemon Helferi … I am looking to buy some Pogostemon Helferi - Downoi. Pogostemon helferi … When planting, separate the portion in 2 or 3 pieces and plant 1 inch apart. You will get 1 portion of Pogostemon Helferi as pictured Pogostemon Helferi is a popular carpet plant for aquarium foreground Propagates easily on gravel and will form a green carpet Make your aquarium stand out with this beautiful and hard to find plant Perfect for any size aquarium Pogostemon Helferi … They provide the best option for … Aquarium ... Downoi. POGOSTEMON HELFERI 'DOWNOI' UNS TISSUE CULTURE Common Name: Downoi Pogostemon Helferi 'Downoi' Family Name: … Live Aquarium Plants FREE S/H! It produces … 1:20. Pogostemon Helferi Downoi Carpet Freshwater Live Aquarium Plant - Buy 2 Get 1 Free $22.85. LIVE AQUARIUM PLANT: Pogostemon Helferi, Downoi (little star) has curly leaves and compact incredibly beautifu green color. of stone. This freshwater plant is also called "Downoi" or "Little Star" in its country of origin, Thailand. the plant is called little star aka Downoi … Its been out in the world for awhile, but the trend finally arrived here! Only 5 left in stock - order soon. It is also another plant which will happily grow on wood. If you have it … Pogostemon Helferi Red Downoi also known as "Little Star" is a very attractive foreground and mid ground plant. Over time Pogostemon Helferi … Like vast majority of tank plants Pogostemon Helferi isn’t a purely aquatic plant. $35.0 USD: Pogostemon Helferi … This plant is found in Thailand and also called "Downoi… Also called "daonoi" or "downoi" (Thai for "litte star"), Pogostemon helferi has been known to science for over 120 years, however, it was only discovered for aquaristic purposes in 1996, by Nonn … Aquarists in Thailand, close to the border with Burma, discovered this plant. Pogostemon Helferi is officially one of the hottest plant for experienced aquascaper since 2018 in the United States. ... Assorted Species of Live Tillandsia Tropical House Plants for Sale, 2 to 5 … Handling time before dispatching the order. Pogostemon helferi or Downoi in “Thai” which translates into English as “Little Star” is a beautiful plant of foreground aquarium, which under … With its crinkly leaves, and bright green color, this is a great addition to any aquarium. A fairly easy plant to grow as long as it receives enough … It is labeled with the same name ‘downoi’ in catalogs of importers from South-East Asia. Pogostemon helferi. Pogostemon Helferi also known as 'Dao Noi' which mean "little star" in Thailand. Natural habitat of Pogostemon Helferi is in areas of Thailand sharing border with Myanmar, where locals call it «downoi», which word-for-word translation means little star. Language: English Location: United States Restricted Mode: Off History Help In the right lighting conditions and a substrate rich in nutrients Pogostemon helferi … My Aquasabi. Also called Pogostemon “Daonoi” or “Downoi” (in Thai “little star”), Pogostemon Helferi has been known to science for over 120 years, however, it was discovered for … Pogostemon Helferi is another wonderful foreground plant that can be use for carpeting, or placed amongst other plants in the foreground . Description: Also called "daonoi" or "downoi" (Thai for "litte star"), Pogostemon helferi has been known to science for over 120 years, however, it was only discovered for aquaristic purposes in 1996, by … Pogostemon helferi usually only grows up to 5cm tall and about 10cm wide with its distinctive curly leaves and striking bright green colour.