The film stars an ensemble cast featuring Casey Affleck, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Anthony Mackie, Aaron Paul, Clifton Collins Jr., Norman Reedus, Teresa Palmer, Michael K. Williams, Gal Gadot, Woody Harrelson, and Kate Winslet. Watch Trailer. Triple 9 was released on DVD and Blu-ray on May 31, 2016. [30], On August 27, 2014, Open Road set the film for a nationwide release on September 11, 2015. She has competition in Triple 9, though, from a smouldering Kate Winslet as a powerful and red-hot crime boss. Luis then charges in and tries to shoot Chris but hits Gabe. In a film full of dirty cops, gangsters and the mean streets of Atlanta, our Kate is the biggest, badest ass of all. Home of the Daily and Sunday Express. Shia LaBeouf was initially attached to star in the film but later left the project and was replaced by Charlie Hunnam. [26] Due to heavy rain, some scenes remained unfinished while shooting at Centennial Olympic Park, where filming again took place from August 5–6, 2014. Chris bumps into Gabe who tries to warn him that he is going to die. Chris later finds out that Marcus met Luis the day of the shooting, letting him know where to kill Chris. The only way to pull it off is to manufacture a 999, police code for “officer down”. [25] On July 17, 2014, a scene was shot in Atlanta with real paramedics, SWAT officers and police officers along with the principal cast. ", "Featured roles for Aaron Paul's Triple Nine", "Casting Call 5/28 – 6/4 What's Filming In Atlanta, And Who They're Looking For", "UPDATE: We've found the first set locations for 'Triple Nine' in Atlanta", "Star-Studded Movie "Triple Nine" Filming Overnight on Kings Highway This Week", "Triple Nine Filming Notice- Street Closure Aug 5th", "Jacki Weaver on board for Drake Doremus's thriller Equals", "Atticus Ross Reveals Details of John Hillcoat's Triple 9", "Triple 9 Trailer: Winslet, Woody, and Chiwetel Play Cops and Robbers", "John Hillcoat's 'Triple Nine' Gets September 2015 Release Date", "Michael Keaton-Mark Ruffalo Drama 'Spotlight' Set for Nov. 6", "Watch Woody Harrelson and Kate Winslet in Gangster-Cop Action Thriller 'Triple 9' (NSFW Trailer)", "Powerless to 'Deadpool', 'Gods of Egypt' Is First 2016 Big-Budget Bomb", "Triple 9 (2016), directed by John Hillcoat Film Review", "Review: John Hillcoat's 'Triple 9' Starring Casey Affleck, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Anthony Mackie & Kate Winslet",, Action films featuring female antagonists, Fictional portrayals of the Atlanta Police Department, Official website different in Wikidata and Wikipedia, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Carlos Alcaine as Fernando "Termite" Rivera, This page was last edited on 11 December 2020, at 17:52. She has gradually transformed into a fashion sensation as well. A gang of criminals and corrupt cops plan the murder of a police officer in order to pull off their biggest heist yet across town. [5][6] The film polarized critics and audiences, and was a box office disappointment, grossing $25 million against its $20 million production budget. In TRIPLE 9, a crew of dirty cops is blackmailed by the Russian mob to execute a virtually impossible heist. Triple 9 Película completa en español gratis. She has also appeared in some renowned movies like Fast & Furious franchise movies, and others like Kicking Out Shoshana (2014), Criminal (2016), Triple 9 (2016), and more. Gal Gadot, Woody Harrelson, ... A 'Triple 9' is the radio code that police officers use when another officer is down. Wonder Woman does have qualities that Gal is pleased to pass on to her girls. We will use your email address only for sending you newsletters. Gal Gadot makes an impressive debut as the legendary princess but her Amazonian assets are already on display in the scorching hot new film Triple 9. The site's consensus reads, "Triple 9's pulpy potboiler thrills don't quite live up to the ferocious talents of its cast, but the film's efficient, solidly crafted genre fun is often enough to balance its troublesome flaws. CAST: Norman Reedus, Kate Winslet, Gal Gadot, Teresa Palmer DIRECTOR: John Hillcoat RUN TIME: 115 min. Huddleston praised the ensemble cast and concluded that the film is "carried off with brashness and momentum by a director who genuinely seems to be having a blast. Cops really don't come dirtier, when the only way to pull off a dangerous job for Winslet is to distract the police by calling in a Triple 9. Angered, Chris visits an unconscious Marcus to try to get answers but is interrupted by Franco, who invites Chris back to the station to get his account of the shooting. The Israeli actress plays a seductive Russian mafia femme fatale in the explosive crime-heist thriller. Gal Gadot is the hottest actress in Hollywood right now. The latest ones are Wonder Woman, Ralph Breaks the Internet, Death on the Nile. Marcus tries to befriend Chris as they go out on calls together. I've never worked on something quite like this. 17 Badass Facts You Should Know About Literal Wonder Woman Gal Gadot Director: John Hillcoat Cast: Chiwetel Ejiofor, Casey Affleck, Anthony Mackie, Aaron Paul, Clifton Collins Jr., Woody Harrelson, Kate Winslet, Norman Reedus, Gal Gadot, Teresa Palmer MPAA Rating: (for strong violence and language throughout, drug use and some nudity) Running Time: 1:55 Release Date: 2/26/16 [4], In the United States and Canada, pre-release tracking suggested the film would gross $7–9 million from 2,205 theaters in its opening weekend, trailing fellow newcomer Gods of Egypt ($12–15 million projection) but similar to Eddie the Eagle. Like Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot has the strength, speed, reflexes, and agility of a serious superhuman, and she can even fly. TRIPLE 9 Official International Movie Trailer - Kate Winslet, Gal Gadot, Norman Reedus [Full HD] 80PoundMedia. 23.4k Likes, 246 Comments - Gal Gadot (@gal_gadot) on Instagram: “Exciting! As the two head to the car, Chris receives a call from Jeffrey, who tells him that Franco has been cleaning house and that he might be next. [13] In August 2013, Cate Blanchett and Christoph Waltz were in talks to join the cast[14] but later dropped out and instead Kate Winslet and Woody Harrelson came on board. [7] Cook's script was included in Black List scripts of 2010. Michael and Irina were earlier revealed to have a family relationship: the mother of Michael's son is Irina's sister; nonetheless, Irina refers to Michael as a "monkey." So it was quite a bit of work. Michael meets with Irina and her henchmen for the exchange. Chris, clutching his holstered weapon, stops and tells Franco that he'll meet him at the station. Triple 9 Year : 2016 USA Director : John Hillcoat Gal Gadot Movie poster (Fr) CHIWETEL EJIOFOR, GAL GADOT, TRIPLE 9, 2016 226,351,030 stock photos, vectors and videos Watch the film trailer for "Triple 9," starring Teresa Palmer, Gal Gadot and Kate Winslet. Triple 9 Synopsis. newspaper archive. Gabe is killed, and Marcus is shot in the head. Meanwhile, Michael and Franco break into the government office and steal the information with little police disruption. [5], The first trailer for the film was released on October 5, 2015.[33]. Chris's uncle, Jeffrey Allen (Woody Harrelson), is a Sgt. He has a gift for his son to give to him upon their reunion. Triple 9 posters feature Gal Gadot, Anthony Mackie and More. It's a whole new side to the English Rose and we're loving it. She is burning up the screen in the brand new Wonder Woman feature and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer but she is also about to get down and dirty – and downright sexy – in new crime thriller Triple 9. Triple 9's trailer, for me, will go down in history as one of the most misleading of all time. HOME »» Upcoming Movie Release Dates »» Triple 9. Oscars Best Picture Winners Best Picture Winners Golden Globes Emmys STARmeter Awards San Diego Comic-Con New York Comic-Con Sundance Film Festival Toronto Int'l Film Festival Awards Central Festival Central All Events [27] After that, filming was wrapped. [15][16] Casting completed in March 2014, as Aaron Paul, Norman Reedus, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Casey Affleck, Anthony Mackie, Gal Gadot, Teresa Palmer, and Clifton Collins Jr. rounded out the cast. [20][21] On June 5, filming took place at St. Regis in Buckhead, Atlanta, with Winslet. TRIPLE 9 is an action-packed thriller starring Oscar®-nominees Woody Harrelson, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Kate Winslet and Casey Affleck, along with Aaron Paul, Gal Gadot and Anthony Mackie. Inside the Atlanta police department, corruption is rampant and members of a gang task force are secretly committing heists for a Russian mob boss (Kate Winslet). TRIPLE 9. Unfortunately, on both fronts this is a film… With Casey Affleck, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Anthony Mackie, Aaron Paul. Directed by John Hillcoat. It's a far cry from her world-saving duties as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman in the upcoming Batman V Superman. CLICK HERE to watch Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman in the new Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer. "[19], Principal photography began on May 28, 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia. The massive ensemble cast includes Casey Affleck, Woody Harrelson, Kate Winslet, Aaron Paul, Norman Reedus, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Anthony Mackie, Gal Gadot, Teresa Palmer and Clifton Collins, Jr. Before Gabe can say anything, Marcus comes in, triggering a shootout between the two. order back issues and use the historic Daily Express Additionally stretches of Ansley Street and Kings Highway were also be used as establishing shots. Just what IS a Triple 9? Gal Gadot Reveals How Filming 'Wonder Woman 1984' Was a Family Affair (Exclusive) Gal Gadot Reveals How Filming 'Wonder Woman 1984' Was a Family Affair (Exclusive) Skip Navigation. Gal Gadot boobs are extremely soft, curvy, and enormous, and her cleavage pics are to die for. She is burning up the screen in the brand new Wonder Woman feature and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice trailerbut she is … Michelle Keegan is named FHM's sexiest woman. With just two and a half weeks left until her highly-anticipated superhero sequel Wonder Woman 1984 hits theaters, Gal Gadot has shared a new poster. In Atlanta, criminals Michael Atwood (Chiwetel Ejiofor), a former Navy SEAL, Russell Welch (Norman Reedus) and his brother Gabe Welch (Aaron Paul), and corrupt cops Marcus Belmont (Anthony Mackie) and Franco Rodriguez (Clifton Collins Jr.) rob a bank to retrieve a safe deposit box. When a 'Triple 9' is signaled - typically every police officer in the area goes to the area. During one call, Chris attempts to question a local gang member, Luis Pinto (Luis Da Silva), about a gang-related homicide, only for Luis to attack Chris before being detained for his actions. [1] In February 2014 Open Road Films acquired the US distribution rights to the film[10] and Worldview Entertainment came on board to finance the film after the exit of Panorama Media. Woody Harrelson, Kate Winslet, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Casey Affleck lead an all-star cast in an explosive action-packed thriller critics call “a twisty, terrific ride” (Peter Travers, Rolling Stone). [24] Scenes were also shot on White Street, South East of Westview Cemetery, Atlanta. She may play a goody two shoes in the DC Comics blockbuster, but she's playing a bad girl in her other big screen outing. Which brings us to the film title itself. She has also played roles on television. Gal Gadot has also been Miss Israel in the year 2004 when she was 18 years of age. Triple 9 is a 2016 American action thriller film directed by John Hillcoat and written by Matt Cook. Triple 9. Gal Gadot an Israeli Actress, now is a great name after her roles in the movies Wonder Woman and Triple 9. Franco is killed, and Jeffrey is shot in the abdomen. Kate plays crime queen Irene - and eats tough guys for breakfast. Gal Gadot is the hottest actress in Hollywood right now. Gabe, still grieving over his brother, tries to stop the heist from happening by following Chris and Marcus around and telling Chris, but is stopped both by Michael and Jeffrey. The Oscar winner rocks a rock-hard blonde coiffed hairstyle, speaks in a thick Russian accent, is fond of low-cut blouses. We're pretty sure this is going to end badly for all concerned, but it will be a hell of a ride along the way. As they think of ways they can pull it off, Marcus and Franco suggest a Triple 9 scenario, which involves an officer down call that sends all of the police to the location of the incident, with Marcus nominating his new partner, Chris Allen (Casey Affleck), a former Marine, as the cop to be killed. [8] Hillcoat confirmed his direction of the film later in May 2012; the casting of LaBeouf and Nick Cave scoring the music for the film were also confirmed. Jeffrey gets a lead and discovers that Gabe is one of the people involved in the bank robbery. Triple 9 ver: Triple 9 online gratis | Vea una película en línea o vea los mejores videos HD de 1080p gratuitos en su computadora de escritorio, computadora portátil, computadora portátil, tableta, iPhone, iPad, Mac Pro y … Triple 9 is out in UK cinemas on February 19, 2016. Fearing Marcus is dead, Chris makes the Triple 9 call. Irina gives him the money but does not bring Michael's son as she had promised to earlier. [36] Audiences surveyed by CinemaScore gave the film an average grade of "C+" on an A+ to F scale. DC Comics unleashed the first official Wonder Woman feature today. [31] But on June 10, 2015 it was announced the release date of the film has moved from September 11, 2015 to March 4, 2016. "[35] Metacritic gives the film a score of 52 out of 100, based on 41 critics, indicating "mixed or average reviews". The film was released on February 26, 2016 in the United States by Open Road Films. [9] Later, Cave left the project and Atticus Ross came on board to compose the score for the film. "[37] Variety's Justin Chang was less receptive towards the film's narrative, but applauded its action sequences and wrote that the "result is a film that conveys the eerie sense of lying in wait for all its characters, and the paranoia is infectious, with at least two scenes certain to have viewers checking their car backseats upon exiting the theater. "She said she'd kill every last one of us if we don't get this thing," growls big and butch Ejiofor. [23] In early July, filming moved to Decatur, scenes were shot from July 9–12, 2014 in the 200 block of Kings Highway. Gal Gadot (Hebrew: גל גדות ‎, [ˈɡal ɡaˈdot]; born 30 April 1985) is an Israeli actress, producer, and model. But the actress, who will return to the big screen as the iconic heroine this week, acknowledges that being a mother keeps her thigh-high boots firmly on the ground. Freer praised the cast's performance, but criticized the film's screenplay and second half, surmising that "the interesting world of the film doesn't get the story it deserves. The group decides to go forward with the job. Lakewood Cinema 8 171-3 Fairmount Ave W. Lakewood, NY 14750 Hotline: 716-763-3531 « Back to Dipson Theatres. Triple 9 review: These bank robbers need more bang for their buck. She then served two years in the Israel Defense Forces as a fitness/combat readiness instructor, after which she began studying law and international relations at IDC Herzliya college while building her modelling and acting careers. [22] Filming took place at Centennial Olympic Park Drive, Atlanta from June 23 to June 25, 2014. The box contains information that could overturn the recent conviction of a Jewish-Russian Mafia boss. Please see our Privacy Notice for details of your data protection rights. [38], In a mixed review, Empire's Ian Freer gave Triple 9 three out of five stars. In the aftermath, Marcus survives but is in critical condition. "[40] Alonso Duralde of TheWrap also panned Triple 9, in particular, disapproving of the film's screenplay and third act. [12] In December 2013, Hunnam also left the project and was replaced by Casey Affleck. TRIPLE 9 soon..” Detective in the police force working on the bank robbery case. Triple 9 grossed $12.6 million in North America, and $13.3 million in other territories, for a total gross of $25.9 million, against a production budget of $20 million. Check out the official trailer 3 for Triple 9 starring Casey Affleck, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Anthony Mackie, Aaron Paul, Norman Reedus, Woody Harrelson, Kate Winslet, Clifton Collins, Jr., Michael K. Williams, Teresa Palmer and Gal Gadot, right now on Fan Reviews! Photo: Open Road Films. "[39] While praising Anthony Mackie's performance and Nicholas Karakatsanis's cinematography, Indiewire's Oliver Lyttelton criticized the film's narrative structure as unsatisfying, suggesting that "perhaps there's a longer cut out there… perhaps that cut led to a film that felt like it was actually about something. With this film, it was difficult because we were trying to get the story right and one would write the music, but then the scenes would change around and it all becomes redundant. Baywatch babe Alexandra Daddario is bikini ready for new film with... Lesbian Love Actually - Watch the TEAR-JERKING deleted LESBIAN... brand new Wonder Woman feature and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer, The Suicide Squad new trailer is soundtracked by Bohemian Rhapsody - Pure GENIUS, WATCH: Justice League first look PLUS amazing Wonder Woman video, Leonardo DiCaprio film shocker: The horrific TRUE story of a terrifying serial killer, VIDEO: Watch the shocking truth about the 1995 Range Rover Murders in Essex, Leonardo DiCaprio 'raped by a bear' outrage over new film UPDATE: Studio issues statement. When a 'Triple 9' is signaled - typically every police officer in the area goes to the area. [3] The film made $2.1 million on its first day and $6.1 million in its opening weekend, finishing 6th at the box office. Kate Winslet and Chiwetel Ejiofor turn tea-leaf for director John Hillcoat – but is the result criminal? Franco, realizing Chris has been tipped of his involvement, agrees to meet Chris there. As the two head out to their respective cars, Jeffrey is seen inside Franco's car, and they both shoot each other when Franco takes a seat in his car. Luis flees the projects and is later shot dead by SWAT after barricading himself in a nearby home. Jeffrey's fate is left unknown. [11], The film went through many casting changes. As Luis runs away, Chris confronts a critically wounded Gabe. CLICK HERE to watch Gal Gadot's sexy home video of her dancing in her underwear. After being beaten by her henchmen, Michael walks back to his car and triggers a bomb that was wired into his gift, killing Irina and her thugs. She has also done many movies like Date Night, Knight and Day, Fast Five, Fast and Furious and Triple 9. As Chris makes a Triple 9 call, Jeffrey calmly pulls a joint and smokes it. Follow. "[29] A foreboding version of This Little Piggy was featured in the trailer of the film. Israeli actress Gal Gadot plays the sister of Kate Winslet’s mobster in ‘Triple 9,” which opens in the US this February 26, 2016. After investigating Luis's belongings at the morgue, Chris finds a note in Luis's wallet, which contained the location where Marcus took him the day of the shooting. Last updated albums - Triple 9 (2016) Official Trailer #2 251 views Aug 17, 2016: Stills 756 views Aug 17, 2016: Screencaptures 1328 views Aug 17, 2016: ... All original text and graphics belong to Gal Gadot Network (unless stated otherwise), all pictures, scans, screencaps etc. In order to improve our community experience, we are temporarily suspending article commenting. In the trailer we see Gadot gettting frisky and using her sexual wiles. See today's front and back pages, download the newspaper, A 'Triple 9' is the radio code that police officers use when another officer is down. [32] In October 2015, the release date was moved up to February 26, 2016. As he drives away, Michael is pulled over by Franco, who kills him and steals the money. "Every cop in the city runs toward that call…We’d have all damn day.”. When Michael brings the safe deposit box to the boss' wife, Irina (Kate Winslet), she withholds their reward money and gives Michael and his crew another mission, which involves breaking into a government office and stealing more data on her husband. Triple 9 is a 2016 American action thriller film directed by John Hillcoat and written by Matt Cook. Express. are copyright to their original owners. Gal Gadot offers a look at the John Hillcoat directed thriller Triple Nine with behind-the-scenes images of co-stars Kate Winslet and Aaron Paul. Triple 9 película completa en español. [34], On Rotten Tomatoes, the film holds an approval rating of 53% based on 169 reviews, with an average rating of 5.8/10. A gang of criminals and corrupt cops plan the murder of a police officer in order to pull off their biggest heist yet across town. ", "John Hillcoat Confirms 'Triple Nine' Is Next; Shia LaBeouf Attached, Nick Cave Likely Writing Score", "Open Road Acquires John Hillcoat's 'Triple Nine' for U.S.", "Worldview to Finance John Hillcoat's 'Triple Nine' After Megan Ellison's Panorama Exits", "Charlie Hunnam Ready to Commit a 'Triple Nine' for John Hillcoat", "Charlie Hunnam Out, Casey Affleck In For 'Triple Nine'; Chiwetel Ejiofor & Michael B. Jordan Also Join", "Cate Blanchett and Christoph Waltz Eyeing Crime Film, "Kate Winslet Joins John Hillcoat's 'Triple Nine' [Updated With More Casting]", "Kate Winslet, Aaron Paul, Michael B. Jordan And More Join John Hillcoat's Heist Thriller Triple Nine", "Woody Harrelson Joins The Amazing Ensemble In John Hillcoat's 'Triple Nine, "What Do Kate Winslet, the New Wonder Woman, and a Breaking Bad Star Have in Common? I came into Triple 9 refusing to read anything about it but the presence of Kate Winslet in the cast of what seemed to be a crime thriller was something that immediately caught the eye, as did the presence of Gal Gadot. At age 18, she was crowned Miss Israel 2004. The project was first announced in August 2010 with director John Hillcoat circling Matt Cook's crime drama script Triple Nine, set to star Shia LaBeouf, with Steve Golin attached to produce. Directed by John Hillcoat (“Lawless”). Gal Gadot goes from Wonder Woman to Russian Mafia temptress, Watch Wonder Woman Gal Gadot dancing in her bra & knickers, Batman V Superman review: A 11 year old fan gives his verdict, Casey Affleck enjoys the view in Triple 9, Kate Winslet is a sexy Russian mafia boss in Triple 9. [28], Atticus Ross composed the music for the film along with his wife Claudia Sarne, brother Leopold Ross and Bobby Krlic. Although in that film, too, she gets a chance to get sexy with Ben Affleck's Bruce Wayne, in a slinky, skin-hugging dress. The film stars an ensemble cast featuring Casey Affleck, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Anthony Mackie, Aaron Paul, Clifton Collins Jr., Norman Reedus, Teresa Palmer, Michael K. Williams, Gal Gadot, Woody Harrelson, and Kate Winslet. She is blessed with stunning dressing and styling sense and has always rocked the red carpet. Triple 9 is expected to hit cinemas in February 2016! Report. Duralde writes: "…[Triple 9] somehow managed to collect an impressively A-list cast on its way toward becoming a cop movie that's not just dumb, it's disastrous. She is a gorgeous actress with a great personality. Triple 9 (2016) Gal Gadot as Elena Vlaslov. Triple 9 also stars the testosterone-fuelled Woody Harrelson,  Norman Reedus (The Walking Dead), Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad), Clifton Collins Jr. (Pacific Rim) and Oscar nominated Chiwetel Ejiofor (12 Years a Slave). [34], Tom Huddleston of Time Out gave Triple 9 four out of five stars, positively comparing the film to Michael Mann's Heat. As they walk around the building, Marcus slips away, and Luis comes in and tries to find Chris. She has been a … Gal Gadot and her husband Yaron Versano. To convince them to take the job, the mafia tortures and then dumps a mortally wounded Russell off in front of the crew, forcing Michael to mercy-kill Russell in front of them, traumatizing Gabe. [1] Talking about the music of the film, Ross said that "he [Hillcoat] had a particular vision for the music on this movie which was very raw sounding electronics; with bizarrely a saxophone in there. “That means a cop's been killed," spells out Mackie. Our goal is to create a safe and engaging place for users to connect over interests and passions. "[41], "Atticus Ross to Score John Hillcoat's 'Triple Nine, "First Red Band Trailer For 'Triple 9' With Casey Affleck, Kate Winslet, Woody Harrelson & More", "Shia LaBeouf, John Hillcoat Circling 'Triple Nine, "Annapurna Pictures To Finance John Hillcoat's Cop Drama 'Triple Nine'; Could It Be His Next Film? [17][18], Hillcoat talking about filming schedule said that, "It's a challenge, arranging everyone's schedules and trying to accomplish something with eight main characters. On the day of the heist, Marcus takes Chris to an abandoned housing project to meet an informant with information on their homicide case. Thinking his nephew is the officer down, Jeffrey rushes to the scene. 5 years ago | 5.5K views.
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